Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Softball Treats

These are the gifts given out to my daughters softball team tonight. Sorry for the bad color on the pictures. I forgot to put the flash on.

2x2 cards using the team colors of Navy and Pink. The girls play with yellow softballs (not white like I played with back in the day). The CCC stands for Capstone Construction Company which is the Coach's company and our team sponsor. These were for the girls and on the inside it says, "I had a ball playing with you!" and my daughter signed them.

These are bag tags for the girls to put on their equipment bags (if they want). I stamped and colored the bunny and sponged the sky and grass. I added all the girls names on them and included a small black zip tie for them to attach it with.

Very simple treat. I sandwiched the top of the pixie stix between two black scallop punches and added the punched circles which I added the 'stitches' to with a red marker. These were also for the girls.

The items above and 2 pieces of bubble gum were packaged in clear envelopes for each girl.

Cards for the coaches and assistant coaches/helpers similar to the mini ones I made for the girls. After taking the picture I added CCC to the top right corner of the pink cardstock. I wish I had used a bigger 'thank you' stamp. Cameron wrote a personal thank you note in each one. I made 5 in all.

This was the gift for the coach and assistant coaches/helpers. I probably should have taken a picture before wrapping them. It's a large plastic popcorn bucket with yellow crinkled paper filler in the bottom, 2 boxes of movie candy, 1 bag of micro popcorn, 2 suckers, 1 bottle Diet Coke, 1 bottle Sprite, a gift card for Blockbuster and the card above.

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