Sunday, September 14, 2008
Handmade Edible

This is not scrap related, but it is something I made. I ordered a 24 piece cupcake cake from Wal-Mart. Using a chocolate candy mold I made the bowling pins and balls with white and milk chocolate (they are 2 separate pieces) and stuck them in the cupcakes. The red lines on the pin were made by adding red food coloring to some corn syrup and painting them on the pin. Then we sprinkled red decorating sugar over the corn syrup (thought up by my husband). The Happy Birthday are candles and we had a number 6 candle as well. I think they turned out great!


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5 Day Challenge - Day 5 (finally)

After finishing the goodie bags on day 4 of the 5 day challenge, I have not been back in my craft room until today. So I am going to cheat and post this as my day 5 challenge. It just took more than 5 days to complete the challenge. Smile

These are the thank you cards we are mailing to the birthday guests from my daughters party last weekend. I cut a black 4.5" circle with my Cricut machine in the blackout feature. I also cut a regular 4.5" circle in white and computer printed text on them:

Thank you for the
and for coming to my party.
I hope you had fun!

I had my daughter write in the name and gift and sign her name on the bottom. Then I glued them to the black circles. I glued 1" silhouette circles in gray on the front for the bowling ball holes. I am mailing them in a CD envelopes (shown above, ready to mail) with the ball showing through the front window and I addressed the envelope on the back.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
5 Day Challenge - Day 4

Here is what I have been working on this evening. These will be the treat bags my daughter will give to her birthday guests at her bowling party this weekend. You see it is a bowling ball, right? Ignoring You

I used small black paper bags that I cut down a little bit. Using my cricut I cut 5 inch circles out of black cardstock and cut them off at the bottom so the bag sat flat. The 'holes' are 1 inch circles that were also cut with the cricut with the silhouette feature. The handle is a 1" x 11" strip of black cardstock.

The bags will hold Hello Kitty treats and candy for the girls and Spider-Man treats and candy for the boys.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008
5 Day Challenge - Day 3

Well I didn't get to my craft room yesterday for day 3, but it wasn't because I was lazy and/or unmotivated. I was feeling crappy and decided to do a total clean up/out/organization of my daughters room and it literally took all day (mostly because I was moving so slow from lack of feel good energy). I still plan to do 5 days of projects, it's just going to take 6 days to do them.

Today my project was pretty simple, but I have been non stop going from 6:30am until right now (at 9:30pm). It's my daughters 6th birthday today and I only had time today to decorate a gift bag for one of her gifts. I thought I had some white paper bags, but I didn't so I had to use a brown one. I cut the cupcake and letters with my cricut and added some stickles baby blue glitter to the cupcake which is a little hard to see in the picture.

And does it count that I wrapped another gift in 12x12 scrapbook paper? Teethy


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